Namarra, who never sleeps

Who never sleeps


This +1 keen longsword is of unidentifiable make. It glows a mauve light equivalent to a candle at all times. When seen in combat it also spews white sparks when hitting weapons and armor. Runes on either side of the blade explain the name sake of the weapon, but not the reasoning behind it.
“Namarra” “Who never sleeps”


The swords story is unknown. It was found to be in an elf’s possession as he awoke from an event. Remembering nothing about himself he claimed the sword and has seldom parted with it since. Namarra doesn’t see much combat since its owner is afraid of drawing suspicion to himself. Whenever its drawn it is an attempt to intimidate his enemies. Nothing else is known about the mysterious weapon.

Recently after a chance encounter, it was discovered that the sword is the key to letting the Shade capital city back on this plane.

Namarra, who never sleeps

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