Chess Piece Relic


This small black object resembles a knight chess piece. It gives off a sort of unnatural aura. The bottom seems to screw into something.


This relic’s beginnings are unknown, but it does have a twin object that is an obsidian dagger. Its whereabouts were discovered and the Adventurers Guild Of Waterdeep was contracted by a lord of Waterdeep on it’s return. The relic led to many of the Guild’s population betraying the group. The new recruits were ordered to find the relics and kill any survivors. Namarra guesses the relic was used to corrupt the minds of the adventurers and somehow distort their bodies. After touching the object with bare skin he had severe nightmares and headaches. The lord received it and beckoned for the other to be found. Namarra is happy the group is without it.

Chess Piece Relic

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