Trying to find his way


Namarra is an elf who was transformed into a shade. He looks more like a drow now and has received some unwelcomed responses from it. He comes off a little cold to some but really he is just lost and anyone who shows care for him receives it back in kind.


Awaking on a rivers bank, the elf now known as Namarra has no recollection of his real name. He awoke on the side of that river and began anew. His only possession being an abnormal sword with runes reading “Namarra” and “Who Never Sleeps.” He took this name and began to wander. He hasn’t seen or learned much until his recent discoveries in Waterdeep. After going on some missions for the Adventurers Guild that he’s apart of, Namarra found out some things about his sword: that it once belonged to an elf king long ago that had fought the shades and banished their city. Namarra suspects he may be related to this ancient king somehow. AND that his sword is the key for the shades to bring that city back from the plane of shadow. He will not let this happen without a fight. Recently he has spent most of his time in his basement room of the guild hall. Reading and studying almost obsessively by the mauve light of his sword.

What Namarra doesn’t know is that before he washing up on that shore, is that he is from the Cormanthor Forest and was caught by Drow and sold to the Shades who brainwashed him to be an assassin, tainting his skin and some of his soul with shadowstuff but granting him some extra ordinary abilities. Their troupe was surrounded on a bridge, after a tough fight he was knocked into the river below and had amnesia upon awakening. The Shades have just finally caught up with him. Thinking Namarra had betrayed them, they confronted him. Namarra, realizing that once he was with them he’d be their pawn and especially after they threatened to kill his companions, by some self-fulfilling prophecy, turned on them and slaughtered them in a blind rage of magic and steel(that his party did not see). Only one shade escaped that day. Namarra has chosen this path and will stick to it. He is ready for the fight he believes will come.


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