Arthur Ursidae

A 15 year old, human orphan, left to fend for himself and his adoptive sleuth of furry brethren.


Sir Arthur Ursidae (Bear), Member of the Sleuth of Arcadius.
Human, Druid LVL 3, Chaotic Neutral, Obad-Hai, Medium, 15, Male,
5’3", 135 lbs, Green eyes, Grayish White Hair, White Skin.
STR 10, DEX 12, CON 16, INT 17, WIS 19, CHA 10, HP 29, AC 14
Primary Weapon: The Javelin, Secondary: Wooden Club.
Languages: Chondathan, Druidic, Sylvan, Elven, Illuskan.
Armor: Leather, Wooden Shield.
Special Abilities
*Guardian of the Forest: Blessed with the powers of Wild Shape at an early age (lvl) w/ requisites. Must be touching a form of natural growth (Tree or Plant). Can only transform into mammalian quadrupedal animals found in the High Forest. Retains Human HP, INT, and WIS. Can only currently transform into a Raccoon, Black Bear, Elk, Bison, Boar, and Badger etc. Cannot communicate with humans in this state. When shaped into an animal, character temporarily loses all physical items on his human body including weapons and armor.
*Animal Companion: Akos the Dire Eagle – STR 11, DEX 16, CON 12, INT 2, WIS 14, CHA 6, HP 18, AC 16.
*Nature Sense: +2 Skill Bonus to Knowledge of Nature and Survival.
*Spontaneous Casting: Use Summoning Spell instead of using any standard spell.
*Wild Empathy: 1d20 + LVL + CHA, Used to improve the attitude of an animal.
*Woodland Stride: Can travel through any natural undergrowth without harm or impairment.
*Trackless Step: Doesn’t leave any trail in natural surroundings.
*Resist Nature’s Lure: +4 bonus on saving throws against the spell like abilities of Fey (dryads, pixies and sprites).
*Horribliss Outcry: Allows user to take the wild form of a Brown Bear once a day for the amount of hours equal to level.
*Treetopper: +2 bonus to climb and balance checks.
*Natural Spell: Allows the use of spells (somatic, verbal and focus) when in wild form.

Although he faced a lot of turmoil and devastation in his past, he always looks at the brighter side of life. He follows in example of the free spirited animals that he grew to love after they saved him and now he only wishes to protect each and every one of them. Overzealous at times, his headstrong and rambunctious attitude creates a weakness in himself. He can be brash and overly confident in his abilities. Due to the fact that he’s still a child, he can be extremely immature as well. Surprisingly, he is extremely intelligent and capable of making instantaneous decisions that has saved lives in the past. He knows that all men are not evil and hopes that he can find the greater good in humanity and destroy the corruption. He adorns nothing but a pack on his back filled with essentials that he scavenged from the poachers that he had killed. He wears some green, leather bounded armor to help protect himself against the thorns and bushes of the thick forest. His companion, Akos, swore a life debt to him after he saved his life. Now Akos constantly follows him from the sky, watching and listening for whenever he is in need of assistance. He still continuously laughs because he simply is a kid that only wants to feel joy. He tries to remain happy, only unleashing his emotions when he truly has to. He secretly wishes to find his mother and siblings and the truth behind his father’s murder but he views that the forest is far more important. He may have a lot of questions because he’s an extremely curious individual and has been away from civilized life for over seven years. Death no longer bothers him because he understands that it is an essential part of life, but it still reminds him of his dark past.


Originally belonging to the city of Silverymoon, Bear lived there with his mother, father and siblings (an older brother and a younger sister) up until the age of eight. Bear’s father was a richly acclaimed physician and naturalist who prided his endeavors on attempting to create a medicinal cure. This cure would be completely comprised of natural components from the High Forest and would have been used to cure the disease of Lycanthropy. But for an unknown reason, Bear’s father was assassinated before he could complete his work. In fear of her children’s safety, Bear’s mother had all three of her children transported to live with different relatives within Faerun.

It was a savagely stormy night. Bear was being transported within a carriage in a detour route through the northern outskirts of the High Forest when the carriage’s horse halted in front of a fallen tree, blocking the road. The coachman and Bear’s caretaker set out to examine the tree while Bear watched from the inside of the carriage. Arrows suddenly flew from either side of the road, striking and instantly killing both men, pinning their lifeless corpses against the fallen tree. Raiders ran out of the brush and instantly started scouring their bodies for loot. Bear began to cry as he sat there watching these men defacing the bodies of the people who once cared for him. He could do nothing but slip underneath the seat of the carriage, hoping that the men would not find him. One of the men laughed when he saw Bear cowering in fear and grabbed Bear’s hair, making him scream out in fear for his life. But out of no where, a bellowing roar followed by a quick swipe of a massive paw, ripped the man’s back wide open. Bear immediately recognized the hulking figures and watched all of them chase down and kill four out of six of the other men. The two remaining men ran off along the road, running for their lives. Bear had heard stories of the massive animals from his father’s journeys into the High Forest and knew that only a Brown Bear could ever be so ferocious. The Bear’s stomped over, sniffing at the carriage and Bear’s young helpless self was pulled out by his clothes and thrown atop of the largest bear. He immediately fainted upon impact and the Bear’s took him to the safety of their own territory.

There, Bear gained a trust for the Bear clan and learned of their ways. He studied not only his adoptive bear protectors but also the forest itself. Just like his father before him, his curiosity and eagerness to discover made him an exceptionally fast learner. He watched and learned from other animals. He became more agile within the trees, bounding from one branch to the next. He analyzed and identified countless sources of food. He managed to rescue and care for an eagle chick who had fallen from a tall tree. He even began to speak the language of the animals, uncovering new words and phrases everyday. That’s when the Bear clan began to tell Bear about the origins of their family known as the Sleuth of Arcadius and how Obad-Hai, the god of the forest, led them to rescue him from the raiders. They knew that Bear was crucial in guarding the forest from the evil’s of men. Poachers and hunters were destroying the forest and the animals knew that balance could only be restored through the body of a child with Obad-Hai’s miraculous powers.

Approximately seven years had passed since Bear’s rescue and he had grown extremely agile and intellectually superior to all the animals in the forest. He befriended every living thing from the tall trees to the smallest ants. He knew that it was his job to protect the forest from all invaders and he did so with the gracefulness of an elk and the brute strength of a bear. But one day, a group of raiders were not seeking to plunder the forest of its resources but instead they set fire to it, only seeking destruction and the death of every living thing within it. The territory that once belonged to the Sleuth of Arcadius lie in ashes and debris. Bear acted but knew that he couldn’t do it alone. He asked Obad-Hai for the power to stop this raging fire and to give him the strength to kill the men responsible. Obad-Hai responded granting him miraculous powers and the ability to shape into animals of the forest. Bear commanded all of the forest animals to head for safety and he knew that he had to stop the fire before it grew even larger. With all of his combined effort he summoned water from nothing and blasted it towards the fire, leaving it smoldering from the immense waves. He then transformed into countless animals, fighting and chasing away the raiders. Fed by rage, he continued to follow them, never stopping to rest until he knew that the High Forest would never have to face such misery ever again. It was time to end man’s cruel demeanor by finding it’s source and extinguishing it once and for all.

His journey begins in in the port city of Waterdeep. The running raiders are no where to be seen. Frantically looking around, he realizes that they had probably slipped into the city. Not being a resident of a city for over seven years was a bit discouraging, at first, but he mustered up the courage to sneak into the city. Shaping himself into a raccoon, he managed to slip past the city guards undetected. He intended on not bringing attention to himself by sticking to shadows and alleyways. But he knew that once he was attacked by some children, man had become even more evil than ever before. He witnessed death on the streets of Waterdeep. He knew that this same fate could happen to the animals of the High Forest if things were to continue as they were. At that moment he realized that the greatest hope for the High Forest was for him to climb through the ranks of the Waterdeep citizens, gaining notoriety and influence and become a leader in the fight to save his home. Shortly after the children attacked, He sent a friendly bird to carry a message back to the High Forest to tell the Sleuth of Arcadius about his whereabouts and how he intended on bringing back help to guard the Forest from invaders. To obtain the needed gold for food and supplies, he knew he had to find a job. When he was approached with the opportunity to become a fighter for a small guild, he knew that his strengths would be beneficial in making him a notable fighter in the city of Waterdeep. With the aid of followers from Waterdeep, he would prevent man from ever bringing death to the forest again.

Arthur Ursidae

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