The Lords of Waterdeep

Waterdeep, The City of Splendors

We arrived during the day. I threw some gold to the caravan leader and parted with Thormy. I don’t care where Thormy goes, but it is nice to have a companion for once.

I first wanted to go to the library, but was immediately distracted by everything Waterdeep had to offer. It wasn’t like the elegant look of Silverymoon, but it had it’s own separate and different charm that really just called to me. Everyone was bustling and business looked booming. I was distracted by small-time magicians on the streets and smiths selling their below average wares. Once I got over that, the library was calling to me. My search, continually beckoning in the back of my mind.

The library didn’t have much of a selection for what information I needed. I discovered I need to gain more notoriety before I can find out any real information. Thormy, like an annoying puppy, followed me all day asking annoying questions. I lost Thormy when he was distracted. I had signed up for a failing adventurers guild. I figure I could help bring them back up to speed, then I should be able to talk to those who know what I want. Our first task seems easy enough and it was sanctioned by one of the Lords of Waterdeep. This couldn’t be going any better. I met two other companions who seem to be in my party. Wonder what abilities they have? Hope this doesn’t get ugly. I settle into my new room and get some sleep. We leave tomorrow morning.

Awakened rebirth

I awoke on a little shore of a river. Clutched in my hand, as though it meant my life, was a glowing purple sword with runes inscribed upon it. Words I could read. Namarra, who never sleeps. My clothes were soaked and seemed very old, dark, and somewhat ornate. I was also wearing a large dark cloak. My skin is black and my ears are pointed. I started walking. My arrival at nearly anywhere was met with malicious stares and corner whispers. I couldn’t stay in one place for very long. Over my wandering I had discovered what “The Art” was and that I had great skill in it. Mystra, the lady of magic, seemed to be my only guide but she would not respond. All I had were the libraries and small knowledge banks of small towns. I needed bigger cities with more information. My name seems unknown to anyone’s ears, but my race was not. I am an elf. But not like many elves I have seen. I seem enthused with elven craftsmanship, I even know how to craft weapons. Who am I? Who was I? I seemed to have no luck at all until I was sitting in a tavern on my way to Waterdeep when an annoying half-elf annoyed me. Since then, the answers don’t seem to stop.


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